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Why you should go on a cruise at least once in your life

Cruise passenger numbers are increasing year on year and they are a type of holiday everyone should do at least once. They offer a unique form of travel and you can see the world without spending time stressing in airports, on trains and carrying a large backpack around a city. Cruises seem to be completely off some people’s holiday radar and for others there is no better way to spend your leisure time.

Firstly, cruises are a great way to explore the world and see many different places on the one holiday. You can visit the most intriguing and exotic destinations, all without spending time waiting on your flight in the airport. Every cruise will stop in at least one port, and longer excursions stop at many more. You can explore historic landmarks, ancient ruins and nearby beaches. Dubai, the Caribbean, Bruges and the Netherlands are just some of the fantastic destinations you can cruise to. There is a destination for everyone, whether you want to enjoy culture and moments or beautiful beaches, just like those in the Sunny Shores slot on RoseSlots.com. This game provides a completely immersive summer experience with its beach theme and summer background music, which we all love to experience in reality too! There is no faster or cheaper way to destination hop and visit multiple islands in a short space of time. It’s great going to bed and waking up in a new country.


Another reason to spend your hard earned pennies on a cruise, is that it’s all-inclusive. Everything you need for a vacation is in your hands at the cost of one fare. Instead of adding up the cost of a hotel, airline travel, other forms of transportation, meals and entertainment, it is all included for you on a cruise. They can also be quite cheap, depending on the cruise line, so if you do some shopping around you can find something to suit almost any budget. The only additional extras you will need to pay for are spa treatments, other excursions at the ports which aren’t included in your cruise package, alcohol (if you don’t have a drinks package, and miscellaneous items that you may not have packed in your suitcase.

A cruise is a perfect worry-free vacation. Usual travelling takes immense planning and research to perfect your day’s intintary, including searching for hotels, excursions and the best restaurants. However on your cruise, everything is already organised for you. There will be a selection of activities available on-board, and some at the ports, pre-organised, which you can go to if you wish. The cruise line will be experts at planning these activities and will always know the best things to do for you to enjoy your holiday.

It is a great way to meet new and interesting people. Cruises tend to be very social, and as many people are sharing the same experience, you are certain to meet some like-minded people that you will get along with. As it is a confined space, you will see the same people most days and this gives you the opportunity to get to know them. There are many themed and special interest cruises available, such as a Disney cruise, a Sci-Fi sea cruise or even Walking Dead or Star Trek themed cruises. Planet Cruise has a wide range of cruises with something to suit everyone.

If you live a very busy lifestyle, have a hectic work schedule or many family commitments, a cruise can be the perfect way to disconnect from everyday life. As your phone will not work at sea and the WiFi can be expensive, it is the ideal way to shut off your mind and get away from the stresses of day-to-day life. Many people on holiday are tempted by ‘just one more email’ and struggle to switch off, worrying about the mountain of papers on their desk when they return to work. Being out in the middle of the ocean, looking at the stunning views from the deck, can be the perfect escape for those with busy lifestyles. The panoramic views 24/7 are a wonderful distraction!

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The dining on cruises is also well renowned for being fabulous. The cruise lines offer inclusive dining, as well as an increasing number of ships offering a variety of alternative onboard restaurants. All tastes, occasions and budgets are catered for, with a wide selection of food from continental favourites to foreign cuisines. The speciality restaurants are generally themed, steakhouses, French bistros, Japanese sushi or sports bars. Room service is usually available 24/7 on major cruise lines and is also frequently free of charge. Each port you stop at will also serve a new culinary experience, so you can try lots of different local delicacies.

A multitude of onboard activities awaits you on a cruise. Movie theatres, waterparks, swimming pools, spas, jacuzzis, basketball courts, comedy clubs, ping pong, kids clubs, gyms and bars are just some of the exciting things you can find on board. You will never be bored and short of something to do when you are sailing from port to port. When you reach each port you will also find plenty of excursions to do, such as scuba diving, historical trips and shopping.

Cruises are now attracting a younger demographic. Previously many thought they were just for older couples, retired individuals and families, however cruises can cater to everyone. Instead of dragging your backpack on trains and hostels around Europe, the younger crowd are now choosing a cruise as a perfect way to experience many different cultures and countries on one trip.

Sold on a cruise? We thought so! If you don’t know where to start, check out this article from Forbes on the best cruises to take in 2019 to get some further inspiration and start planning your trip. 30 million people are expected to sail the high seas in 2019 and you should be one of them!

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