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13-Month-Old Baby Keeps Parents Awake On Disney Magic, Helps Save A Man Overboard From Royal Caribbean Ship

More facts are being revealed exactly how 22 year old man who had fallen overboard from Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas. Luckily for him, 13-Month old Katherine was alittle too excited to sleep and her parents were up on an open deck all by themselves. They explained it this way, “We were taking pictures of her, and then we both kind of heard something,” Heather Felton told WLEX-TV. “We were the only people out on the deck, it was early enough that we didn’t see anybody else, and so we heard it a second time. I ran out toward the edge of the boat and I looked down and someone’s going right by, yelling for help.” The Blaze reported, she ran off and found crew members, told them about the life-or-death situation and seconds later a loudspeaker announced: “Mr. MOB.” Code for Man Overboard. Watch the full report in the video above.

Do you think this man should change his name to Lucky?

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